Codefest summer­lab aims to revitalise resource ­scarce languages by providing them with effective tools for electronic communication and by teaching their communities how to use them.

This one-­week long hands­ on course will give participants the opportunity to become acquainted with the latest language­ based technologies and to develop different apps based on them. Partakers will work in a multidisciplinary coding bee that will team up linguists, software­ engineers and students.

Previous knowledge will not be required – having a passion for languages and the yearning to work for them will be the only prerequisites.

Codefest will take place from Monday to Friday and will conclude over the weekend with a Wikipedia edit­a­thon focused on minority languages. All weekend long we will work on Wikipedia articles about Donostia in as many languages as possible.


  • Providing resource­ scarce languages with effective everyday tools for electronic communication.
  • Bringing small languages to the fore as part of the European linguistic scenery.
  • Promoting communal work.
  • Connecting international agents.Promoting open­ source­ based language technologies and resources.

Projects and talks

The summer school will focus on the practical implementation of projects. Therefore, a large part of the summer school will be reserved for working in teams together with the mentors, experienced software developers, linguists and so on. On the first day we will create the teams and each team will discuss a project to implement during the week together with its mentor. These are some of the proposals that will be developed as part of the Codefest project. Codefest is not a closed project —if you have an idea to be developed, send it to us.

Each day will consist of one short main talk in the morning and practical teamwork during all the day. For the evening some social activities will be planified. Detailed information will be published soon on our website.

Registration and Important Dates

Registration to attend Codefest is now open. You can register online and you will receive information about the payment procedure. If you are staying in Donostia / San Sebastian we will also collect information to arrange your accommodation.
An application form is available at:

Early registration (early): May 10 , 2015 at 11:59pm PDT
2nd Registration (if empty places): June 18
Registration details (Duration cost includes)

  • Basic: 5 day participation in the summerlab, official dinner, t-shirt, printed
    programme with welcome bag. 40€.
  • Full : 5 day accommodation (6 nights), in a double room, participation in the
    summerlab, official dinner, t-shirt, printed programme with welcome bag 260€.
  • Full + Wikipedia edit a thon: 7 day accommodation (8 nights) in a double room, participation in the summerlab, official dinner, t-shirt, printed programme with welcome bag and participation in the Wikipedia edit a thon. 260€.


The Codefest scholarship is used to support students, minority language speakers and highly motivated people to participate in the week summer school.

Scholarship application deadline is May 10, 2016, at 11:59pm PDT. This is a very firm deadline, and applications submitted prior to this date will be much appreciated.

The scholarship is in amounts to 220€ per person and covers housing costs for the full duration of the summerlab.

Please, if you are interested in a scholarship, include a short (less than one page) statement of interest. The statement might describe your personal interests in one or some of the proposed projects, new proposals, etc.

How to get there

Its strategic location and excellent infrastructures make Donostia / San Sebastián a place easy to reach from anywhere in the world, no matter what your method of transport.

Additional info

Agents: Faculty of Computer Science of San Sebastian - IXA group, CIDLeS
Place: Duque de Mandas, 52, 20012 Donostia, Gipuzkoa
Start: 4th July
End: 8th July
Contact: Send Mail